Three old friends and workmates, coincided again in the spacetime to start the project of their lives and make the same step at the same time. To start writing the story of Lilith & Sons, a new concept of a cocktail bar with the aim to inspire a change. Having as pillars concepts like irreverence, cheekiness, transparence and self-empowerment, L&S has as one of its long term goals to create, gathering our colleagues, friends, and costumers, a community of open-minded, modern people who are active in Barcelona’s scene, and are looking to live life and to see things from a different angle. We see Lilith & Sons as a refugee for curious people. Human beings with an open-minded point of view, who are interested in the world of graphic arts, music, fashion, design, street and underground culture, tattoo... Therefore, our commitment is to honor all the brave people who live their lives in a conscious way, in control of their decisions. We are a reminder for all the ‘awaken’ minds to see that they’re not alone. Being at the same time a stimulus or a provocation for those who have not yet awakened.


Lilith & Sons opened its doors as a signature cocktail bar, with a small food menu, as a compliment to our liquid expression. Combining craft cocktails with our passion for the classics and our favourite twists, we offer a space where to experiment with all your senses. We invite you to relax, get to meet our crew, allow yourself to be seduced by our Drinks & Food menu, share some stories and, ultimately, to build your Lilith & Sons experience along with us.


Meet Our Family



Román is a boy born in Menorca who has been in Barcelona for 7 years.... His decision to move to Barcelona was out of sheer need for learning and in search of professional growth. Well, very soon he found the door open of a restaurant run by Martin Berasategui. Román did not miss the opportunity and based on constancy and effort he learned from one of the great all that is related to the world of restoration. To continue his learning, Román continued to look for new projects and opportunities, never frightened by the difficulty of the challenge climbing year after year until finishing as director of food and beverage at several companies, one of which was in the opening of a large project with more than 100 employees and 6 million euros of annual turnover as was the Café del Mar Club Barcelona.

Román is a melomaniac, especially appreciates the music of the 60s among many other styles. Sportsman and scholar, he is finishing his master's degree in hotel management at Ostelea Bussiness School.

His goal is to overturn his passion and get the most out of it while making his own profitable business, and above all, opening new doors to projects not initially proposed.

It is a very versatile profile, having worked many years in many different types of businesses, from classical restoration to macro music events.



Paul is a restless spirit that begins his career in the hospitality world at 16,... as an extra in a small family brewery in his hometown. Always combining his work with his musical career, he finds in the cocktail bar a comfort similar to that of being on a stage. He likes to deal with people, listen to their stories and starts to get addicted to the energy and frenetic pace that you breathe in the bar. Very early on, Pol is awakened by a passion for the hospitality world, which leads him to manage his first bar as manager just one year later, at the age of 18, in Igualada. By his 20th he left for London to grow in his musical and professional career. It aims to keep learning behind the bar. After almost 2 years in the English capital, he already accumulates national and international experience as a bartender and bar supervisor. Returning to Barcelona, the level rises again as he worked almost 2 years at the Hotel W Barcelona, where he meets Román and Baptiste.

The world of creative cocktails explodes in the mind of this 23-year-old, who is dying to learn and has never been afraid to take the next step to keep growing. He left the hotel for a few months to go to New York, to study advanced mixology at EBS Bartending School (Brooklyn). Inspired by the cocktail capital in the world and its excellent bars, in love with the most classic and alchemist cocktail sham, Paul returns to Barcelona to eat the city. After his experience in hotels, he realizes that he finds his creative comfort in less corporate projects, and becomes a bar manager of several bars in the Catalan capital, such as the Tahiti (best tiki bar in Spain, fifth best tiki menu in Europe).



Baptiste is a boy born in Paris. He studied Business & Management in France, Australia and Spain (holder of a Master Business & Management)....
In 2013, Baptiste decided to move to Barcelona after a year working as co-director of a restaurant in Paris, with the intention of living a new experience and developing at a professional and personal level. He started working in a 5* hotel (the Hotel W) as a waiter, as he needed to practice Spanish and gain a first professional experience in Barcelona. After a season of work, he was offered a position of Restaurant and Bar Manager of the same hotel. After 1 year and a half, Baptiste finished his contract and started as Assistant Director Restaurants and Bars at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel. It was there that he had the opportunity to explore the world of the Cocktail Bar and become Head Bartender. His work included drawing up cocktail cards from the hotel's bars, giving Masterclasses, participating in international competitions (winner of the final Compass Box Spain)...

Its objective is, as it was with its decision to move to Barcelona, to live a new experience and to offer a service and products in his image, in the world of cocktails, through a negotiate.

Baptiste has a very versatile and professional profile. He has 10 years of experience in the world of hospitality and catering, in France, Australia and Spain.

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